Boston Handyman suggestions to make your IKEA furniture assembly easier

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Don’t stress – Boston Handyman can help you with your IKEA furniture assembly project!

IKEA furniture may be less expensive, but it sure takes effort to put it all together. Unfortunately, there’s no easy way around it. Here’s what Boston Handyman suggests to make your IKEA furniture assembly easier:

  • Measure your space. Make sure the items will fit where you want them before you buy them. If the items don’t fit, you risk damaging your home…
  • Look through the entire manual before starting assembly. Decide if it is a one or two-person job. Don’t risk injuring yourself.
  • Prep, plan and clear your space. Don’t make it easy for tools, screws and instruction manuals to get lost.
  • Make sure you have the right tools. Most IKEA boxes include an Allen wrench or screwdriver, which is usually enough to get the job done. However, some furniture assembly requires your own tools, such as a hammer or screwdriver. It is also a good idea to get a power drill to speed things up.
  • Separate and count your pieces. Taking the time to organize your materials will help the process go a lot quicker. Plus, you won’t be stuck with a half-assembled piece of furniture when you realize something is missing.
  • Exercise Patience (easier said than done…) Realize that IKEA furniture takes time to assemble. Don’t rush. You’ll only get stressed and increase your chances of making a mistake. If you need to, take a break.
  • Check all fittings when complete. Make sure everything is screwed in tightly and securely. You don’t want any gaps or wobbly pieces.
  • Easiest way to get your IKEA furniture assembled? Yup, you were right if you knew we will say this at the end of this article – just call Boston Handyman at 617-651-2582. We are here to de-stress your IKEA experience.

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