4 Tips for a More Organized Dorm Room

1. Divide and conquer


Messy desk, no more! Keep your workspace organized (and cute) with a pencil holder, magazine stand and tray.

2. Store smartly


Maximize your (likely minimal) closet space with Hanging Closet Storage, which spins 360 degrees for easy access to sweaters, shoes, scarves and more.

3. Hang in there


This one’s for all you night owls: keep books, magazines and headphones close by with a storage solution that you can hang on your bed. You won’t even miss your nightstand!

4. Bag it

Laundry Bag w Handles1

Make lugging laundry less of a chore! A bag with a handle is perfect for hanging inside your closet door, so dirty clothes stay neatly tucked away (and off the ground!).


Thanks so much for reading! And if you ever need help while you are in Boston – please just call us at 617-651-2582 or email: bostonhomemanagement@gmail.com


How do you keep your dorm room organized? Share with us in the comments!


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