How To Create Your Dream Apartment Closet

You’ve heard about it, and you’ve seen it on Pinterest. But a dream closet only exists, well, in your dreams, right? Wrong! Creating a beautiful, stylish closet is totally possible—and in five easy steps. Have a look!

closetsteps1. Get organized. Stock up on stylish space savers like Wall Hooks for storage. Also consider something super functional, like Over-The-Door Shoe Storage to keep shoes in their place and not, you know, in a heap on the floor.

2. Make room. Does your closet fit about half your clothes? Consider a closet supplement that doubles as a style statement.

3. Get clever. Think of ways to make your life easier. Insert daily outfit closet organizers between your hangers to keep your outfits separated out—and to make getting ready a breeze.

4. Store it away. Stash seasonal items in clever storage bins, then swap ‘em out as the seasons change.

5. Get gorgeous. Wall decor isn’t limited to pictures and posters. Frame and display artsy shopping bags from your favorite stores for a fun display that shows your personality. Also, make your lighting fit in with your room’s overall design scheme—it doesn’t get more gorgeous than a fancy chandelier!

Thanks so much for reading! And if you ever need help while you are in Boston – please just call us at 617-651-2582 or email:

What does your dream closet look like? Share your ideas in the comments!


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