20 Ideas For Small Living Spaces

You know an amazing small space when you see it. We love them because they force us to edit, organize, and reduce our accumulation of stuff. But most of all we love them because they can be so cool!

Trust us, we do this for a living: a well-done small space can be turned into something beautiful and functional! Here team at BostonHM.com has put together 20 ideas we can help you with.

1. Don’t be afraid of drama. Going bold in a small room (a bathroom, for example) gives the eye something else to focus on. Think rich paint colors, or floor to ceiling artwork.

2. Use every nook and cranny. The corner space you see (in the picture above) by the stairs could have been left to the radiator that was its only occupant. But instead, the owner turned it into a mini landing strip, with a floating shelf, large picture, and ottoman.

Kitchen Open Shelving Storage

3. A place for everything and everything in its place. This kitchen set-up kind of is mind blowing and it’s so functional! This photo is actually a four-punch small space strategy: open shelving, vertical storage, complete organization, and the ability to assess immediately what you don’t need or don’t have space for. And Boston Handyman can build this shelving at your home.

4. Get off the ground. Every piece of furniture in the photo above has legs that lift it off the ground. This idea works particularly well in small spaces because air (or negative space) provides the visual illusion of spaciousness.

5. Install hooks. Hooks are inexpensive, take up no space, and keep things off tables, counters, and floors. Hang them anywhere.

Stock shelves or custom built shelves – call Boston Handyman and our team will build and install them

6. Install wall-mounted shelves above other furniture, and shelves or above doorways. Almost all successful small spaces we’ve seen have at least one wall-mounted shelf, which frees up floor space and makes use of vertical wall space.

7. Bring in as much natural light as possible. Don’t weigh small space windows down with heavy curtains. Let the light in. It does more for brightening and enlarging a space than almost anything else.

8. Use multi-functional furniture. The best way to maximize a small amount of space usually involves making one thing serve two or three purposes. This is not only small design, but it’s sustainable design. The more multi-functional a piece is, the less you’ll have to buy or bring in to your home. Be smart and simple— a storage bed, a dining table/office desk, a sleeper sofa.

9. If you don’t love it or need it, get rid of it.

10. Buy a bed with storage capabilities, either drawers underneath or a one you can jack up or loft.

11. Hang cup hooks of different sizes everywhere. They’re inexpensive, don’t take up a ton of space, and keep things off the counters and floor.

12. Install vertical storage and built-ins and we can help you custom building that.

13. If a particular spot seems to attract clutter, devise a shelving or other type storage solution to contain it.

14. Buy multi-functional furniture, like an ottoman with storage inside the base.

15. Put anything you don’t use daily in a storage container.

16. Use the corners. Don’t let the precious space go to waste.

17. Use mirrors or any reflective surfaces to give the illusion of added space.

18. You’d be amazed at how much wasted space lies underneath a staircase. Make the most of it with these pull-out closets.


19. No extra room for an office? No problem. We can turn your closet into an office.



20. You can’t really hide it away, but you might not know it’s there unless you look up!


Thanks so much for reading! And if you ever need help while you are in Boston – please just call us at 617-651-2582 or email: bostonhomemanagement@gmail.com


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