Safety and Grab Bar Installations by Commercial Handyman Services

Handicap Toilet Installation

Some elderly or disabled individuals have handicaps that can make ordinary tasks a struggle. For those with mobility problems, in particular, these struggles can encompass a number of daily tasks—among them, safe and reliable access to a toilet. Most ordinary toilets can prove problematic for people with mobility issues. If your building needs a special toilet installed to help accommodate daily needs, you can rely on a Commercial Handyman for assistance. Our handyman technicians know how to install several types of plumbing fixtures, from handicap-ready toilets and showerheads to bathroom vanities and shower railings designed for the physically impaired.

Bathroom and Shower Grab Bar Installation

Some disabled or elderly persons can have difficulty navigating due to incapacities that make mobility at home difficult. In particular, shower and toilet access can challenge seniors due to slick tiled surfaces and no fixtures to assist with balance.

For people with such difficulties who live on their own, the installation of shower and toilet grab bars can make these common, daily tasks more accessible. With a grab bar installed in a shower or near a toilet, a senior citizen or disabled person can more easily access these fixtures.

If you need grab bars installed or know of someone who could benefit from such bars, call a Commercial Handyman today. Our technicians have a wide experience in home installation projects. They can install grab bars to make living at home more convenient for those who have difficulty with certain tasks.

Stair Railing and Handrail Installation

Similar to grab bars, extra railings allow seniors or the disabled an easier time mounting stairways, whether they are inside or outside the building. The lack of basic features make buildings less suitable for senior citizens or the disabled.

For railing installations performed by a maintenance and property improvement specialist, you can count on the Commercial Handyman Services. Our technicians recognize the importance that railings can have in a home whose residents struggle with mobility. With railings installed, the mobility challenged can have the extra support.


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