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Drywall Repair and Installation by Commercial Handyman Services

Drywall is a staple of nearly all buildings. Made from thin plaster boards derived from the mineral gypsum, drywall is lightweight and portable and found in most modern facilities across the United States. Drywall’s chemical composition is fire resistant, which makes it an ideal construction resource.

Drywall is an excellent building material, but it is subject to damage from time to time, and Commercial Handyman Services offers drywall installation and repair.

Patching Drywall and Replacement Drywall

While drywall is sturdy, it can be punctured, chipped, or dented. Drywall damage is a common occurrence in most buildings over their lifetime, whether from a doorknob striking the wall or due to holes from nails. Fortunately, most drywall holes are an easy fix for an experienced handyman.

While drywall repair kits are commonly found in most hardware stores, correctly patching a drywall hole can be a tricky and time-consuming process. The process typically involves covering the area around the hole with a thin layer of joint compound, applying a patch or mesh tape, and then re-applying and sanding several more layers of joint compound until neither the hole nor the mesh is visible. And because most pre-mixed joint compound takes a day or more to dry, professionals also generally take the extra step of blending their own joint compound using a powdered mix and water to shorten the time needed for drying between coats.

For drywall patching jobs large or small, you can contact a Commercial Handyman technician to restore your wall to its former condition. Our technician can even paint the wall for you once the patch has been completed.

Installing Drywall

Installing new drywall from scratch is somewhat more complex than simply patching a hole in existing drywall. While installing drywall is simpler than installing plaster walls, the process can still be difficult, especially for a beginner or by oneself due to the weight of the boards. Drywall installation involves measuring and installing the drywall, using correctly sized screws to keep the drywall in place, and ensuring that no electrical wiring or pipes are damaged.

For tough drywall installation jobs, you can call on the professionals at Commercial Handyman Services. Our technicians can hang and install drywall correctly to ensure your walls will be looking great once the job is finished.

Taping Drywall

Taping drywall is one of the final steps in the drywall installation process. Once the drywall boards are in place, they’ll need taped along their edges and prepped for the layers of mud, which give the wall its glossy finish. Finally, each layer of drywall mud will need to be carefully applied, smoothed, and sanded to ensure an even finish across all the walls and angles. When applied poorly, drywall mud can clump and appear rough and uneven, which would require much sanding to make level.

For drywall taping you can count on a Commercial Handyman professional to tape your drywall correctly. Our personnel have experience with drywall installation and taping projects and will be glad to assist with making your new drywall look great.

Plumbing Repairs, Including Replacing Faucets by Handy Giant

Handy Giant technicians can assist with a variety of minor plumbing repairs, including fixing a leaky faucet and installing a new toilet.

Replacing a Faucet

Faucets contain a number of working parts that deliver water, including a spout, handles, lift rod, aerator, water inlets, mixing chamber, and cartridge. From screws and washers to supply nuts and aerators, correctly installing a faucet can sometimes prove too difficult or tedious. A Commercial Handyman can help out by installing the faucet for you. Using your chosen faucet style, our technician will do the hard part of removing the old and installing the new faucet and making sure it works correctly.

Sink Installation

A new sink can dramatically affect the look and feel of a room. For the kitchen, many homeowners opt for the practicality and elegance of a stainless steel sink, which not only looks great but makes cleaning up hassle free. For bathrooms, a stylish or attractive sink can give the room a look of elegance some homeowners may have not thought possible.

While a new sink can vastly improve the look and feel of a kitchen or bathroom, a new sink can be challenging for many home owners to accomplish on their own. At times, some homeowners opt for an expensive contracting service to perform sink installation, but there’s another way. Instead of going with a costly contractor, give the technicians at Commercial Handyman a call. Our experienced craftsmen bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to every job, and they’ll be happy to assist in installing your chosen sink in your kitchen or bathroom.

For new sinks or sink repairs, count on the professionals at Commercial Handyman services to assist with your building plumbing needs.

Drain Repair

A clogged drain can make any of the plumbing fixtures inoperable. Whether you have a sink that doesn’t drain properly or a shower that holds water for too long, a Commercial Handyman can assist. Sometimes drain repair needs can be solved relatively quickly by an experienced handyman. At other times, however, portions of a drain may need to be disassembled, examined, and cleared before being replaced. In some cases, a handyman may determine that a replacement part is necessary (like a tailpiece, reducer, or PVC trap) to ensure normal operation for your drain. Call a Commercial Handyman representative today to discuss repair options.

Toilet Repair by Handy Giant

A broken or malfunctioning toilet can render your bathroom practically unusable.

Toilets have several parts and mechanisms that are essential to their effective operation, and a defect with any of these parts can make a toilet inoperative. Common toilet malfunctions include,

  • The flush handle and its chain have disconnected, making the toilet unflushable.
  • Toilet tank continuously fills with water, causing tremendous water waste.
  • A partial flush, when a toilet does not flush completely.
  • Tank fills too slowly, delaying the time it takes to flush.

There problems are quite common, and while they are certainly a nuisance for a homeowner, they can be fixed with the right tools and expertise. Commercial Handyman professionals can assist with most toilet repair needs. If you’re experiencing one of the problems listed above or a similar issue, give Commercial Handyman Services a call and a technician will be dispatched to attend to your toilet repair needs.

Toilet Installation

Sometimes, a faulty toilet cannot be repaired, and some homeowners simply prefer to update their bathroom with a new toilet. At other times, toilets, made from a combination of several types of clay, can chip and break, making them hazardous to use. Toilet removal and installation can be a laborious task for many homeowners, especially those who don’t have much knowledge of plumbing and their home’s water valves.
If you’ve chosen and acquired your new toilet but need help with the installation our technicians can assist with installing your new toilet and removing the old one. Give Commercial Handyman Services a call today and we’ll arrange a time that suits your schedule to visit your building and remove the current toilet and install the new one. That way, you won’t have to worry about shutting off your toilet’s water supply, correctly removing your current toilet, and disposing of your former toilet once the new one is installed.With Commercial Handyman Services, the hard work is taken care of and you’re left with a new and improved bathroom.

Facilities Maintenance by Handy Giant

we provide a full range of maintenance and handyman services to our retail customers. These are services such as tile replacement, showcase repair, ceiling tile replacement and painting.

Commercial Handyman Services by Handy Giant provides a full range of maintenance services to our retail customers. These are services such as display installations, showroom renovations, tile replacement, showcase repair, ceiling tile replacement and painting.

As part of our integrated facility solutions we provide services that include:

  • Bundled facility services
  • Operating procedure development
  • Building maintenance
  • Mechanical maintenance
  • Plumbing
  • Facility operations & maintenance
  • Central plant operations & maintenance
  • Janitorial
  • Machine shop
  • Painting
  • Carpentry
  • Security review
  • Building technical administration
  • Locksmith
  • Mechanical
  • Equipment inventory
  • Condition assessments
  • Capital planning
  • Project management
  • Space planning and allocation
  • Reporting
  • Contractor management
  • Building automation systems
  • Meeting & conference room service
  • Furniture management
  • Construction

Contact us to find out more about how our integrated facility solutions can help your business.

Commercial repair services and retail maintenance

Handy Giant is a Boston-based company servicing commercial customers and national business accounts.

Commercial Handyman Services by Handy Giant Building Maintenance and Repairs Tailored for Your Business

We have earned a recognition for making a difference for our clients as a repair and maintenance services provider to businesses and properties.

National retail repairs and facilities maintenance services. On-demand response for emergency repairs. Skilled and local self-performing technicians.

Handy Giant’s vision: to become the highest value provider of commercial repair services and facility maintenance. Above: a partial list of companies we are extremely honored to work for.

Handy Giant operates as a self-performing subcontractor locally and for national facility management companies.

Our technicians are on call for repairs, scheduled maintenance, painting, carpentry and installations. Smooth workflow, high standards and excellent customer service are guaranteed. Commercial Handyman Services by Handy Giant: building maintenance and repair tailored for your business and evolving alongside your changing commercial needs.

Handy Giant facility services for Rhode Island Vermont New Hampshire Connecticut Maine businesses offices properties

Commercial Handyman Services by Handy Giant holds expertise in a broad range of industries including: retail locations, malls, condo and apartment buildings, hotels and hospitality, property management companies, office buildings, banks and financial institutions, manufacturing and industrial facilities assisted & senior living communities, healthcare, retirement communities, restaurants, salons, gated communities and private estates in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Maine and soon New York.

Why our Clients choose us?

Because dealing with several vendors to accomplish multiple repair, maintenance or installation tasks at one location is more than time-consuming – it can be cost-consuming. As a proven single-source solution, Commercial Handyman Services company can streamline the entire repair, renovations and maintenance management process into a well-planned and consolidated model.

Repair & Maintenance

Commercial Handyman Services by Handy Giant have a long track record of on-call repairs and scheduled maintenance programs. Weather it’s a retail storefront display set up or a full floor refresh at the historical hotel – we keep buildings functioning at their best.

With Commercial Handyman Services company on your team we can help:

  • Eliminate the task of managing multiple contractors and save time
  • Enable you to find an all-in-one solution for wide variety of repairs, painting, installations, renovations and scheduled maintenance
  • Streamline your billing and minimize documentation

Handy Giant has been ranked at the top of the “Best Operators” among the handyman repair, renovations and maintenance service companies in the Greater Boston, Massachusetts region.

Self-Performing Handyman Repairs Maintenance Service Provider in Massachusetts and New England



retail condominiums and apartments hotels and hospitality property management companies offices manufacturing and industrial facilities assisted & senior living communities healthcare banks and financial institutions restaurants salons

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